Is Britain's future with the US or with Europe? 71 replies

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5th September 2006

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#71 13 years ago

I think the plague of radical Islam is sweeping through Europe; France…Spain…they’ve all but laid down, it is disheartening. England has a fight on her hands, but the British are a tough bunch and like her American cousins will only tolerate so much. When the British and Americans lie down and fight no more, then there won’t be much use to caring on anyway. But as mentioned, both nations must choose their own destinies like they always have and, as it should be.



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8th April 2005

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#72 13 years ago
Machiavelli's ApprenticeWords are cheap. These governments just love to hear themselves talk, but don't expect them to actually DO anything.[/quote] In many cases statements aren't just cheap words, but also affect into diplomatic decisions & attitude in foreign policy. You simply chose to ignore ever increasing intelligence and police cooperation in EU. [quote=Mihail]But it's future is not with the US, it's future is with itself.

Though isolation would be political and economic suicide for Great Britain and it doesn't work that well in today's global world.