Its official! What killed the dinosaurs was.... 22 replies

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#21 9 years ago
gravy666;5261611Well it's good to know that Facebook was wrong about the dinosaurs being killed by gay marriage.

Thats the funniest thing I heard today.


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31st December 2008

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#22 9 years ago

Damn. I always thought they wuz killed because they wuz tu dum =p


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2nd December 2009

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#23 9 years ago

Nah they were all in happy land cause they found an indian hemp forest and were wondering around stoned as maggots, , until god threw a flying turd at the frekin planet, 'he' was so pissed off they had found his stash for jesus, he set fire to his turd before he lobbed it, but god had eaten to much curry the night before, and before you knew it, that flying turd had burnt half the earth ! Jesus had to wait along time for it to recover !