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#1 13 years ago

This is a documentary.

Keep in mind, I was raised in a very strict cultish Southern Baptist home...

My experience in churches is fucking IDENTICAL to what I saw in this film, sans speaking in tongues. I was that eleven year old "moved by the holy spirit". I believed whole-heartedly that jesus was lord and savior... I would break down in tears and "rededicate" my life to Jesus, because I had sinned. Perhaps you don't grasp the severity of this. SINNED! I was fucking eleven!

In the film, they had a special guest speaker at Jesus Camp, teaching these children (ages 5-12) that abortion is wrong. He even had plastic molds of embryos and fetuses that he passed around and let all of the children touch. He wanted to show them, that no matter how small, they are still people. The tiniest embryo (which in reality is nothing more than a blob of protoplasm) had the face of a tiny baby. I was shocked. The guest speaker (who reminded me, strangely, of Hulk Hogan) told them they need to rise up and be warriors for Jesus. To fight the war against it. THE WAR?!!? Go fuck yourselves.

These kids have no idea. Not only do they have no idea what abortion really IS, but they have no idea what sort of decision they may one day be faced with. They have no fucking CLUE! It is my prediction that if this sort of exhortion carries on throughout their adult lives, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to survive in the real world. It's doggy-dog.

This is first time I have been exposed to this sort of maniacal religious fervor since I left Alabama. I have done everything in my power to avoid the exposure. It left me w/a horrible feeling deep inside. I fully regret watching it.


I shook my head, I dropped my jaw and covered my mouth. I cried. My heart and soul bleed for these kids. For the ones that will never question their faith or open their minds to other fucking possibilities!!! For the ones that DO challenge everything that has been fucking branded onto their innocent, impressionable minds and are ridiculed or looked down upon or scoffed at for thinking outside of the fucking box... the fucking bars, man. For wanting to discover and learn more of this world... "They can't all be wrong."

No one knows for sure. No one living will EVER know for sure.

So in conclusion, FUCK religion, and FUCK all of these adults, these fucking zealots, that think they're making a positive difference in society and the government, for fuck's sake, with this BULLSHIT!


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24th September 2002

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#2 13 years ago

you going to hell. seriously. any kind of support for any abortion, even saying its ok, gets you a one way ticket to hell. you have been warned.

no im not a religious person. i dont even go to church. i would most likely agree with much of what you said but that abortion thing, yea you gonna burn.