Judge orders EPA to disclose any science backing up Pruitt’s climate claims 4 replies

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#1 6 months ago


On Tuesday, a US District Court Judge for the District of Columbia issued a memo (PDF) saying that the EPA must comply with PEER’s request by July 2, offering any EPA documents that helped Pruitt come to the conclusion that he shared on CNBC last year. If certain documents can not be provided, an explanation for their absence must be provided by July 11.

This is what happens when you put a climate change denier as the head of the damned EPA. Also, he needs to be removed simply because of the sheer level of corruption he has surrounding his office. He actually has 24/7 security for his own protection, a first for an EPA chief, a soundproof room to make his phone calls that cost over $40k to install and a bunch of other nonsense items he's costing taxpayers.

This administration is a dream team of corrupt and horrible assholes that deserve to be behind bars. All of them. 

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#2 6 months ago


'Show us the math'

'Uh.... UHHH.... MY DOG ATE IT'

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#3 6 months ago

Here is your maths. When I was growing up, we had snow every single winter. There have been a few winters where the snow was higher than I was tall, and I even built tunnels in the snow. Now, winter rarely goes lower than 40f/5c. In fact, there were a few days in DECEMBER OF LAST YEAR when the temperature was 68f/20c.

So, what were you saying about climate change not happening?

(And before Pruitt can say otherwise, yes, I do still live in the same city where I grew up.)


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#4 6 months ago

Well remember Rick Perry is the secretary of energy, so this isn't the only hiree from the pool of experts.

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#5 6 months ago

Ugh, don't remind me. 

The man who only wears glasses now because "they make him look more intelligent" and had no idea what the Department of Energy did was put in charge of it. 

FYI, to those who may not know, they are the ones in charge of all nuclear weapons. The military uses them, but the DOE creates them ensures they function properly. 

Rick Perry is in charge of the department that handles nuclear weapons. Let that sink in. 

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