Judge Rules on POTUS Twitter: "Blocking [...] violates the First Amendment" 2 replies

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#1 3 weeks ago

This was too funny not to post.

Since his election, the President of the United States has routinely blocked anyone who criticised or had opposing views on Twitter - not just those that were verbal attacks, but those that were actual arguments. Something that has now been ruled unconstitutional, as the President's Twitter represents an official communication that should be open to all citizens.

Get your popcorn out. Shit's about to get wild on the Twittersphere.


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#2 3 weeks ago

That's what he gets for being such a monumental egomaniac that he wanted everyone to follow his handle instead of the official one. He just wanted more followers, I'm sure. 

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#3 3 weeks ago

I said it from the beginning, his presidency was nothing more than another brand.  It was the Donald Trump presidency, and everyone who had any connections in media and politics all saw him for the moron that he was and is.  Mark it on your calendars, because, in the future, generations will look back at this era and ask, "Why was America so stupid?"

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