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8th April 2005

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#61 11 years ago
NederbördWell, while I don't believe that Swedish unemployment is 5,6% I think that 15-20% is way too exaggerated. I'd rather think of something like 8-10%, it's said that the truth often lies in the between the two extremes.

The figure of unemployment depends about the calculation method. Those 1 million people that WarHawk109 mentioned aren't actually unemployed, they are "tricky-employed", meaning that they are being in early retirement and in re-training courses & support employed by the government. These means make unemployment figures look somewhat good but those are ineffective & costly ways to put people off from card files. What people need are real jobs provided by enterprises.

My first voting experience was municipal elections. It wasn't as groundbreaking event as I expected, but I felt strongly that I have made my civic duty and affected on things.

I would have voted for the Moderates which is equivalent for our National Coalition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Coalition_Party_(Finland), a centrist right-wing party which currently holds 41 seats in 200 seat parliament and enjoys 22,6 % support in the latest opinion poll conducted by "Suomen Gallup". The Moderates are just what Sweden needs: moderate right-wing party with fresh, humane ideas and effective methods. I followed the Swedish elections quite closely from radio & television. It's sad that there were these data security issues and bombs planted behind elections tents, not to mention small amount of mud-slinging.

I'm happy for Sweden about Bourgeois Alliance's (as we called the alliance of four right-wing parties) victory. Those parties had such an amount of cooperation that we can even dream about in Finland. I hope that Alliance's & Reinfeldt's victory will someway help us in our own parliamentary elections at next March in which (hopefully) Finland gets rid of Social Democrats and a new bourgeois government coalition is formed.