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22nd January 2005

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#61 9 years ago

It's true, somedo need drugs/alcohol to relax and open up to new ideas. There's also plenty that need it for a boost of confidence.

I personally never needed any of that. I'm naturally a chill person. I've always wanted to come off as the guy that you can talk to about anything. As a musician, I get inspiration for ideas from just about anything that interests me. I'm always interested in meeting new people, especially if they arn't your average joe.

Like someone else in the thread said earlier, I don't see why people try so hard to get others to stop or do drugs (unless it's obvious that they need help quitting). I really don't care whether my drink/smoke or are clean.


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9th February 2004

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#62 9 years ago

If the articulation of the original post is of any indication of the 'positive' affects of drug use, I'll pass.

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8th October 2006

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#63 9 years ago
So technically I can call the alcoholic next door a pothead/crackhead?

You can call him what you want. Just like he can sue you for defamation of character.


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24th April 2003

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#64 9 years ago

Its not defamation if he is indeed a pot/crack head.

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9th December 2003

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#65 9 years ago

Lord Rumpuss V;4908850Since when did alcohol got lumped in with drugs?

The two have very different effects on the body both during and after consumption.

This is jsut a guess but I'd believe you had very little education on drugs on school (or elsewhere) am I right?

Drugs cover anything from alcohol, tabacco and cannabis to caffein. A drug is any substance that when absorbed by the body, has an effect on it (be it you feeling you can take on more, feel more relaxed or whatever).

Because alcohol cna make you physically addicted to it is technically a hard drug ("heavy drugs" or drugs with a much more profound effect/risk then soft drugs). Strangly enough alcohol is much more socially accepted then less harmfull substances like cannabis.

If you as me I'd say that all soft drugs should be legal, there isn't any good reason not to allow cannabis products., magic mushrooms and so on. The negative effects on your health are acceptable, the risks are acceptable and you shouldn't end up like a addict (read: junkie/alcoholic).

Hard drugs are much more tricky, they can seriously mess people up. But even these drugs may be used without too much of a negative effect. And socially accepted drugs aren't going to be made illegal any time soon (alcohol and tabacco).

Ofcourse with the legalisation of soft drugs education is important. Overhere you get objective (goverment sponsored/funded/checkedfor objectivity so no commercial party can be accused of trying to steer people into a certain biased direction) education about the pro's and con's of drugs. What their status is in the law (ea our policy of dicriminalisation) and so on. Which should allow people with half a brain to make an educated decision on wether to do drugs and if so which drugs and how to use them. Ofcourse there are bloody idiots out there, human stupidity knows no limits, but that is no reason to ban drugs for from responsible users.

Moderation is often the key word with (soft)drugs, use them in moderation and there shouldn't be a problem. And people who know anything about drugs and have access to cannabis and the like really should have no reason to reach to harddrug shit like Meth and so on unless you are a completely and utter failure.

As an added bonus: legalized drugs means taxation ($$$ / €€€ for the goverments pockets), it should increase the level of quality and thus also reduce the number of victems that fell to low quality (read: messed up, faulty) drugs and ofcourse it should be easier to inform people on how to use drugs properly.

Imagen being dependant on a guy in a back alley for your alcohol, the goverment having banned it and shouting "acohol bad! alcohol bad, war on alcohol!" and you having very little material that tells you on what the risks of alcohol are. The result: Piss poor quality alcohol (health risks), you being more likely not to use it in modration as you don't know what a moderate level is, what the health risks are and so on. So unless somebody is an uptight "we should keep our body and souls clean" tyoe of person there is no reason not to favour dicriminalisation or legalisation of (soft)drugs.

In short: In the land of liberty shouldn't you be allowed to do anything you want aslogn as it has no negative impact on the people around you?