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#1 16 years ago

This Lady really seems to be reaching out for help and no one here seems to give a hoot.

She seems to cry out, (coming across as a lady of sorts screaming), “Help me…. my boyfriend tries to rape me, along with my father and brother, with unmanageable and thinkable acts”. Wow…. don’t even try to imagine, unless you subscribe to the Melee.

Well little lady…. with my help through the Washington post, and the London Times, we can see and show who the (real) men are that you really care about.

LONDON -- The most powerful man in Britain is U.S. President George W. Bush, while soccer star David Beckham's sway over British society is in freefall, a men's magazine said yesterday. Bush tied with Prime Minister Tony Blair for first place in the list drawn up by the British edition of GQ magazine.

Blair has long faced criticism that he simply follows Bush's orders as his "poodle," but GQ claimed that re-election has given Bush an even bigger say in British life. Last year, the U.S. president didn't make the top 100.

Beckham plummeted from eighth to 23rd place, reflecting a turbulent year for the England soccer captain in which "the wheels seem to have come off Brand Beckham,". Put the wheels back on Trill, “if you can”. I see it taking a diesel-powered generator and not some (AA) battery whipping around your plastic host man …“if you know what I mean”

Until my Melee, “istaec mysticus”….



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#2 16 years ago

I like sweetcorn and cheese as well, thank you very much and small fish like to play in the kelp.

........ [color=red]Anns Location: My grave with a laptop[/color]

Please stay there! ^ :nodding:

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#3 16 years ago

I was lost at the beginning of this. Is there actually anything relevant said or to be said here? :confused:


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#4 16 years ago

Another thing: Melee stuff stays in the Melee. It's something you should begin to know, Trojan. :rolleyes:


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#5 16 years ago