Kansas Terrorism Plot Foiled 1 reply

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#1 2 years ago

This shit's almost the weekly headline these days, ain't it? 

Police in Kansas, in cooperation with the FBI, have arrested three men in connection with a planned terrorism plot. According to the police, the plot involved bombing and attacking both an apartment complex as well as a mosque in Garden City.

According to Tom Beall, the Acting U.S. Attorney, the arrests were the conclusion of an eight month(!) investigation. The plot was planned to be carried out on November 9th, the day after Election Day, so authorities were sure as hell pushing the deadline there.

The men were apparently members of a group called 'Crusaders', though there are no word on whether other arrests have been carried out elsewhere, or if the group itself is related to terrorism.



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#2 2 years ago

Good on them for managing to get a positive result out of months of investigation and planning. If they hadn't, well...I shudder to imagine the alternative.