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15th October 2005

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#41 10 years ago

Like I said, his name and his face getting out was inevitable, after they finally discovered who he was and took the appropriate action (or at least took his friggin' cat) then he'd naturally be on certain news articles, name... and face.

I agree, putting his address out there is a little too much, but I'd assume you'd have to dig for that info because I honestly just DLed the video and watched it.

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7th December 2003

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#42 10 years ago
Peer pressure only works if your peers actually know; and like as not if you’re the sort of person to do something like this you have a peer group suited to your mentality anyway.

Peer pressure can also work if your peers don't know - a large group of people behaving in a specific way is always an encouragement for others to imitate their behaviour. Maybe those people who torture animals stick together, but as long as torturing animals isn't accepted on a larger scale they'll have to be worried about possible consequences if they admit their crimes.

I’d imagine it was more effective in those areas because the people who are liable to create a taboo about it are less likely to do it themselves rather than because of the taboo itself.

But they are less likely to do it because of a taboo.

Because their enthusiasm is just for stringing someone from the highest tree; they're not interested in finding the causes of the problem, they're not interested in fixing what we've got left to work with, they're just interested in vengeance. There’s a serious mental problem here; just as much in the sort of person who goes around screaming for blood as in the kid that beats up animals.

I don't think every person who is enthusiastic about cruelty towards animals screams for blood. Sure, there are people who are more interested in vengeance, but there are also people who protest because they actually belief that tortuting animals is not a nice thing to do.

Being ill isn’t a taboo but we still do something about it.

Depends, many people will treat you differently if you have HIV. But my point wasn't that a taboo is the only motivation for action we take, it was that in the case of criminal behaviour social acceptance or the lack thereof is an important factor.