Kyoto Sinks Europe: 11 replies

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24th November 2003

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#11 13 years ago

Well i for one would love to know where this guy sources his information. I live in UK, the Kyoto thing isnt really mentioned as half of it is done without realising.

Emissions for cars etc. arent enforced with an iron will to make us all comply, its been done over time with the MOT and most people arent even aware its been done. I think the guy who wrote it is full of crap (personally) i have read nothing about anything he is talking about and i live in Europe.

The fact is whether it costs a bit more or not, nobody is going to reverse whats been accomplished so far, recycling is now a way of life and industry is booming. Obviously not as good as the likes of China and the Far East, who can offer much more as they pay peanuts. But are the US and Canada any different?



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29th November 2003

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#12 13 years ago
WarHawk109;3564037Which is why the Kyoto Protocol is bad policy. Case in point.

In a way yes as it is it severly hurts Europe, which obviously wasn't the plan when most of the world was hoped to help with the emission problem, but if the worst polluter, you know which country I mean, would join things would be seriously improved, besides making Asian countries follow would work better if they couldn't blame it for having an unfair advantage.

Anyway, our economy isn't in quite such a crisis as the article makes it sound. Annual change in the volume of gross domestic product 1997-2006, Finland, per cent vtp_2006_2007-03-01_tie_001_en_001.gif Source:

EDIT: Meh, I forgot to mention it, but of course I still support reducing emissions. I hope the EU and our government won't come up with any insane ideas of how to continue doing it though, I sincerely hate the suggestions of making old and classic cars too expensive to own and thus forcing relatively poor people like me to either buy a new car on credit or not drive at all, leaving the rich ones polluting all they want in their heavy and uneconomical cars that would have tax reductions just because they are new and thus already cause massive extra pollution when manufactured.

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