Gülen was to be "whisked away" in night operation 0 replies

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#1 1 year ago

This is the shit you read about in spy novels.

According to James Woolsey, he, Flynn, and a group of other conspirators met with officials from President Erdogan's cabinet. Woolsey claims he arrived late, to find the suggestion of a covert operation to abduct and deliver Erdogan's political opponent, Fethullah Gulen, to Turkey.

Gulen is the leader of the Gulenist movement, a loose organisation heavily condemned by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and has been accused of trying to overthrow the Turkish government in 2015. Proponents have said his movement supports democracy and interfaith democracy, while opponents accuse it of being an islamic cult.

But the idea of abducting and extraditing a high profile religious leader to gain favour with an islamic republic is... dangerous. 

Do you think Mr. Flynn and Mr. Woolsey should be investigated, or are these just the baseless claims of a senile, retired CIA director?