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#31 14 years ago
GrimmeAha thanks for clearing that up for me. So who did the US and Macedonian forces mistake this man for? Osama's estranged son?

Another terrorist-suspect of the same name.

Today I read an interesting article which sheds some more light on the kidnapped person, it seems that he was a regular visitor to a place which was frequently visited by terrorists. His lawyer defended one terrorist involved in the Bali-bombings and an extreme fundamentalist. So USMA was right, the guy is a bit shady. Still, the behaviour of the CIA is not acceptable. And it's not the first time they kidnap German citizens either. But as the new government wants to improve the relations to the USA they will keep quiet about it. This is not the worst course of action, but you could expect the US to repay this with some kind of respect instead of continuing violoations of international right.