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#1 1 year ago

I have been meaning to make a thread about this but it's been such a long and difficult week on many levels.

But yeah, as someone who lives in Manchester, it really hits home when these things happen right on your own doorstep.

But the one moment of this past week which hit me most was this;

Mancunians are tough, decent and honest people, they will not let terrorists defeat them. We've been through similar times before and came out stronger and better, and we will do the same again.

And also fair play IMO to Ariana Grande, knew nothing about her until this week but she seems genuine and I feel bad for her, has done the right thing, and does not deserve any of the abuse she gets from the Twitter trolls or that cunt Piers Morgan.

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#2 1 year ago

I saw someone criticise the "display of solidarity", and called it exactly what terrorists want.

That's just plain false, though. The terrorists want people to divide - to split apart and become paranoid, disunited, and afraid. These gatherings and displays of solidarity, not just in the UK itself, but across the world, shows that people are not afraid, and that not even such an atrocious attack will destroy the way of life in Manchester, the UK, or Europe. 

As for Ariana Grande, I agree with you. Her behaviour has - given the circumstances - been exceptional. I can't imagine she wasn't affected, and yet she's going to be doing a benefits concert. 

And just a note; Piers Morgan is a tremendous cunt. He's an unapologetic, vitriolic knobhead. We can all only hope that he will some day feel a deep sense of regret over his behaviour and try to actually better the world, instead of just building rivalries with everyone.

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#3 1 year ago

I actually approve of what Trump said in this context - evil losers.

It's sad, but ultimately the word is a coward short. The only real threat from this comes from fear. And... there's nothing to be afraid of really. The probability that you or anyone you love will be involved in an incident of this nature is vanishingly small. You're more likely to be killed in a car crash.

Cold comfort, of course, to those poor fuckers who lose someone in an event like this. Though the same is true of traffic accidents.

People need to stop thinking of this sort of thing as something big - sad though it is to say. It's like... society as a whole seems to be in some sort of continual fear/grief process rather than being able to get over its fear or dismay of terrorism. 

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#4 1 year ago

That's not a far cry from the Tsarnaev brothers who were responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Uncle calls Boston Marathon bombers 'losers' And it really is the only kind of attention these "people" deserve.  All they've shown the world is they were too stupid, too impatient, and just too fucked up to be able to express their views in any sort of meaningful or constructive way.  If this is your idea of inducing positive social change, the world is probably better off without you.  It's just a goddamn terrible thing other people had to, and still do, pay for this reckless stupidity.

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