Marine Shot Unarmed Iraqi 270 replies

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#271 16 years ago
-DarthMaul-You live in England :rolleyes: it was american soliders there not british. besides what do you mean capture and behead them? we already look as worst as possible to the world. beheading him would get what? every one to hate us? i dont htink capture and behead him, i say capture him and interoggate him, then put him in prison..

Thats not a bad idea.... capture, interrogate, THEN behead.

We are despised and hated already, our public opinion is shot down to hell, so anything we do now could only make people like us....

Every terrorist we capture, behead em on video, see how Al-Queda likes it. Then we give every Marine enough ammo, and if anyone except a fellow Marine tries to go where he shouldnt, well, I'll let the smilie explain it: :sarrow:

The only thing that can save Iraq is an Iron Fist rule, basicially another dictatorship. We should have done a whole buncha things differently, but we cant do that now, so we should act harshly now until elections are in place. We need strong presence there. I believe we have played 'nice big brother' enough, and now we gotta dessimate the terrorists.