Medical Marijuana Issue Returns to Court 53 replies

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29th March 2006

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#51 15 years ago

It is inevitable that marijuana (Be it commercial, madicinal, etc.) will be legalized in all of the United States; and it can happen in the next five years, maybe sooner. The way I see it, it could be a huge new business opportunity the way cigarettes are nowadays. The quality would be deafened down to a level that would make the user purchase more and more, earning a ton of profit from low-quality milds, the same way Tobacco is circled around production. While that may not necessarily be a resolution for medical use, I'm sure that doctors could prescribe a different type of the plant, for a nerve-numbing purpose. In other words, corporations can sell it just to get someone high, while doctors prescribe a certain ...medical version of it.


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13th May 2004

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#52 15 years ago
Originally posted by EON_MagicMan Anything like experience of effects are irrelevent in deciding on whether is should be legal or not?

How many times do I have to say that my stance is simply the issue's place in the Supreme Court?



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27th September 2005

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#53 15 years ago
LocomotorHow many times do I have to say that my stance is simply the issue's place in the Supreme Court?

Oh I realize that-- I thought we got over that. You did say you "still believe Marijuana should be illegal, regardless of circumstances", and I questioned 'why' just for the sake of discussion.

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9th December 2003

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#54 15 years ago


I can't believe this is still an issue with the government. If a person is incredibly ill and is in need of marijuana, just give it to them. For some patients, it's the only thing that gets them through the day and possibly saves their life. Is there any valid reason against medical marijuana? I imagine doctors are responsible in determining who is right for it and won't abuse it.

I fully agree, these sort of things should be legalized for medical use there is no point you can bring forward not to legalize it for those who need it. The only thing would be they might become addicted to it but other legal medical drugs and a lot of other items make you addicted to them too so that point doesn't hold water.