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6th January 2005

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#61 12 years ago
Nemmerle;4302316This isn't a problem we can solve for them. The problems in Iraq are the result of deep set historical differences they've grown up with and the only real solution has to come from within. You can't impose peace on fanatics by point a gun at them, it involves a degree of violence we're just not prepared to employ at this point in time. Saddam kept things in order for years, he wasn't very nice about it but it stuck together, and all those years of relative peace did nothing to placate the factions involved. What makes you think that staying there with our armies, who understand even less of the culture than his did, is going to make the blindest bit of difference to a civil war that is at this point almost inevitable? We're in the way, the best thing we can do is get out of the way and let them solve the problem themselves, however they want to go about it. There's no point in more of our resources being spent on this if we're not prepared to stamp down on it hard enough to keep things quiet.

I never said I consider it constructive for the troops to stay in Iraq; I believe the invasion was a bad idea in the first place (I guess most people now realize this) and now the situation is pretty much bad either way. What I would consider a good plan for the country, would be to replace the coalition soldiers with an international peacekeeping force. Engage in dialogue with Muqtada al-Sadr, because the support of the Mahdi army will be needed when reconstructing. And then pour a lot of money into reconstruction. The war has already been a waste of trillions of dollars; money that could have been spent on building up better infrastructure, education, etc.


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#62 12 years ago
The war has already been a waste of trillions of dollars; money that could have been spent on building up better infrastructure, education, etc.

More importantly the war has already been taking lives of many people with a very controversial reason, IMO.



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2nd October 2006

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#63 12 years ago

OMFG LETS NUKE AEMRICANS CAUSE BUSH SUX L0L. No, lets not just because of certain people. These certain people do not stand for the country as a whole. If it stated on the TV that tomorrow, Germany or Britain (or any other home country for that matter) was going to have the shit bombed out of it with nukes just because people think its a hopeless country or does not agree to what it does, how would you feel about that? Others judging if you should just die because people cannot be arsed with helping you. Should Britain have nuked northen Ireland? Just because the IRA (A few numbers of people) were bugging the British in peace keeping? No, we didn't and if you look, northen Ireland is getting better. Wars fucking horrible, sure. But why does that mean we can start making more horrible ways to kill each other?