No Mosque at Ground Zero. 211 replies

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#211 8 years ago

Good job Nite, someone actually paid attention in Government.:bows:

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#212 8 years ago

NiteStryker;5401402Not even a little. The Constitution is a document securing the people from governmental action. Not people from other people. If the government came in and shot all the protestors, then it would be a constitutional (and thus, first amendment) issue.

Do you even know what the Bill of Rights is? If I tell you that you cant build a mosque, its not applicable to the BoR. If the Government comes in and says you cant build it, its still not applicable to the BoR. If the government comes in and says you WILL build it and everyone in that zip code WILL attend services, then its against the BoR.


Just in case some of you are unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights, you have the following freedoms:

Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Redress of Grievances, Freedom of Press, and, of course, Freedom of Speech.

The protesting of the Mosque is a utilization of the freedom of speech:


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