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#11 11 years ago
Red Menace;4597174I think you should take off the white Nike's and put down the Kool-Aid This is out of a documentary film and is broken into three parts of which you've only posted a portion of a part. The first part talks about how Christianity was engineered using pagan and early religious symbolism by the New World Order of its day, the Roman Empire, to pacify the rest of Europe into forming a one (known) world government run by Rome. Second part is the NWO did 9/11. And the third and my favorite part, which your video comes from, ties it all together and talks about how the Federal Reserve started all the major wars in which America has fought because it forces the government to borrow money, with interest, making the New World Order who runs the Federal Reserve rich. Yes, they sunk the Lusitania, engineered the Great Depression, made Japan attack Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Token Incident. Oh, and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan too, because you know, they did 9/11. And in the grand scheme of things it's all to force the world into a one world government somehow so the NWO can rule over us in some New Roman Empire, iron-fisted Orwellian fashion for profit. In conclusion, this "documentary" is bullshit.

hahahaha couldnt have been said better ! funny shat !


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#12 11 years ago

It seems far fetched until you find out there are persons in the US Government that want ID chips in everyone and the FBI wants a national database of every citizens DNA.

Seems like Gattica was not that far off the mark after all.

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