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14th July 2004

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#1 10 years ago

I'd imagine this would go in the Pub.. If not, then someone please feel free to move it. :) Anyway, back in September / October last year, me and a few people from work, along with a few friends of various people, went on what we labelled as a 'Bentley Bike ride'. Bentley being the place that I work at. Anyhow, at the time, it was thought to arrange a ride at the end of every month, on the week we got paid. Since the one back on 2007, there was no other... They just never really got organised. They have however since picked up, and are now back in the full swing, and as we got paid on Thursday, this weekend was the first of the 2008 rides. I should note, this was no ordinary bike ride. It was a Pub Crawl, on Bikes. ;) One may be thinking not the brightest of ideas, and they'd probably be right. :lol: The 2007 ride was more out on the road, and a few cycle tracks not so local. This 2008 ride (which happened today), was more local, and was mostly in the Woods. All started off good, first three pubs, had a few drinks, and then into the Woods for some jumps (not me personally, as the lack of rear suspension on my Bike wouldn't have helped, so I watched, and drank, and helped make the Fire). There were 11 of us that went on the Ride, three of which had accidents, two ending with the individual in Hospital (two people had to be taken there). The first accident I wasn't a direct witness off, some one of the guys we were with came off a jump awkward, and snapped his Collar Bone.. I believe he broke a few ribs or something too, as he was a pale as a Ghost by the time the Ambulance came. The second accident was outside the Woods, coming down a nice bend filled road. One of the kids and his mate decided not to use the brakes until they got to the bottom (a stupid choice for them), and they were both drunk (no question on that). Anyway, to cut the long story short, three of us were waiting at the bottom of a hill (myself included), and these other two came down, braked, obviously not quick enough, one mounted the curb, clipped my ankle, and then rode right into a fence (this would have been pushing 25 / 30mph). Literally bounced off the Fence, onto the pavement, and then was bleeding from the head (still conscious, so don't think it was a concussion or nothing). The only annoying part on that, was the people who came out of the house, complaining that their fence had been damaged. Another kid I was with gave them a little mouth (he was fairly drunk, but had a good point), another Ambulance came, and took this other guy to Hospital - I don't know what happened, will probably find out Monday, though am told by his Brother that all is well. But yeah, that was my rather eventful day, whilst it ended somewhat different to how imagined, the general day was good. In that respect, does anyone do anything similar, or just get out on their bikes in general?