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19th October 2002

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#121 16 years ago

Shemp, I debated and participated in forensics (U.S. Extemp, Ted Turner, Student Congress) for 8 years and the only meaning I've ever known for quid pro quo is giving one thing for another. That wouid have nothing to do with debate/forensics, where there is no compromise.


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#122 16 years ago

Octovon, I think Israel probably does have nukes, but we have about as much proof that we had about the Iraqi nuclear program and that appears to have been false. Intelligence Agencies from all around the world said Saddam had nukes, Nuclear Scientist defected and said Saddam had nukes, but it turns out he didnt. Israel probably does, but how do we know for sure? a.gifn Iraqi scientist who defected to the United States has publicly described for the first time the inner workings of Iraq's three-decade effort to build a nuclear bomb. From an article: August 15, 1998--"An Iraqi Defector Warns of Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Research." The New York Times tells Khidhir Hamza's story for the first time.


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29th May 2003

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#123 16 years ago

I saw a story in the papers this morning that Isreal is constructing 5 nuclear bombs.

However, I could be wrong - at 6 in the morning, Iran and Isreal become the same.


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11th February 2003

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#124 16 years ago
DavetheFo However, I could be wrong - at 6 in the morning, Iran and Isreal become the same

good, then Israel wont be the only world-power in the middle east that has them.


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4th May 2004

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#125 16 years ago

Israel has nukes. That is not an opinion that is a fact. Why do people argue about that. Saddam was working on if not already had nukes. Israel was designed to be a jewish state to protect the jewish people. Israel would not ever let itself become a non-jewish nation. Palestine will not let Israel join it because it still views itself as the proper ruler of the nation and they would never willingly give that up. There is really no way to solve the Israel-Palestine question. They fucked that up long ago.