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#271 11 years ago
My teacher told me about this and said they were re-creating the Big Bang on a smaller scale.

There's no such thing.

But don't we know that reactions to chemical procedures can be much bigger than the things used?

The big bang was in no way, shape, or form even close to a chemical reaction. And neither are the experiments being conducted in the LHC.

I mean look at a nuclear bomb (go to the war museum or something) and look at a 2 meter torpedo like thing. Yes, only slightly longer than you and me, but to think that it killed thousands of people is suddenly a bitter visualisation

That's not a chemical reaction either.

So do we actually know the effects of these particles? I mean, coulden't thay create another big bang and destroy us?

If we knew the effects of the particles, then we wouldn't need to do the experiment :rolleyes: And no, they couldn't. There's not enough energy.

Your teacher is a simple-minded, media-believing, tripe-eating, gossip-hungry bitch/dick (depending on gender)