Petition Calling for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney 32 replies

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27th June 2003

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#31 15 years ago

Okay if I'm correct with american politics, you can only impeach the president if he does something criminal right??? I think what you're looking for is vote of non-confidence, where the people no longer believe that the current adminstration is capable of governing the country.


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13th February 2004

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#32 15 years ago

Dude, are you you retarded? GET OVER IT. Bush won. Kerry lost. Bush didn't rig the election- turns out those numbers in Ohio were unofficial and wrong, and the real numbers they have now show that Bush won fair and square.

examples please. E V I D E N C E.

There's no need to ask for evidence. All the liberals on this forum have presented all the evidence they could possibly use to impeach Bush, and it's not enough because it's all conspiracy theories or non-provable. Don't ask for more evidence...even if we had more evidence, Bush supporters on the forum would still try to knock it down, because all new evidence against Bush will most likely be non-provable or conspiracy-theories. ATTENTION ALL LIBERALS: YOU LOST THIS TIME. GIVE IT UP. IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. WE HAVE TO MOVE ON (no pun intended about, which I intend to leave now that the election of 2004 is over and they have shown themselves to be conspiracy theorists). IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO WIN IN 2008.

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16th April 2004

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#33 15 years ago
Big BossIf you are against George W. Bush sign this petition. If you think that bush cheated again and Nader or Kerry should be Pres. sign this petition. Please sign this petition! Join the fight against George W. Bush!:nodding:

lmao who the hell would vote nader? just look at this thread