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2nd December 2009

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#31 9 years ago

Maybe and maybe not, if we assume, there was life there able to detect electronic signals, one could argue we would get all there random radio waves far before that time. Its highly unlikely thats theres any life there with radios, we could probably detect that right now if its been going for 30 years on there planet, and they could detect us, a message would still take that long if you want to tell them something specific, but detecting radio signals that are artificial, thats a can do now. My sig is from an Athiest site ! How right they are ! Again ! hahaha So what point does religion give you ? That lies are good for children ? mmm good point ! Maybe the point is, that religion flies you into buildings hahaha. Or maybe the point is, religion is plain insanity. Still like my version better sorry !


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6th January 2005

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#32 9 years ago

Being unreachably far away, it's currently mainly interesting for suggesting Earth-like planets may be vastly more common than previously assumed. Personally, I'd like to know if there's a liquid ocean under Europa's crust teeming with monstrous sea creatures.

NiteStryker;540280520 light years is close in galactic terms, but still too far for humanity for the next several thousand years.[/QUOTE]

It took 50 years from powered flight to orbital flight. Do you really think it'll be thousands of years until we develop near-light speed travel?

[QUOTE=Mr. Pedantic;5403644]I think Venus is a good example to cite in this thread, for two reasons: 1) that a planet further away from the sun than another does not necessarily mean it is cooler, and 2) that observing a planet's density, mass, and even composition is nowhere near a guarantee of a habitable environment.

But Venus is closer to the sun!

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8th October 2006

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#33 9 years ago
But Venus is closer to the sun!

But Venus is further from the Sun than Mercury. I'm no physicist, but I figure that if Venus were orbiting the sun at 1AU the surface would still be too hot for habitation. Not to mention the atmospheric pressure and the sulphuric acid and the carbon dioxide and the complete lack of water. Really, for the guy publishing this to say that there's a high chance of life, or even water, on this planet is a huge mistake IMO.