PST: Terror attack against Norway imminent 2 replies

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#1 4 years ago

The Norwegian security police has warned that a terror attack on Norwegian soil is imminent, citing unspecific but credible intelligence. They added that the threat is linked to Syria, and that as a precaution security at the borders have been increased. Justice minister Anders Anundsen asked people to be vigilant and follow instructions from police.

Source: Warning: Norway faces 'imminent' terror attack - The Local

Usually, the security police in Scandinavia tend to be very much in the background, not making public announcements unless they're absolutely certain. The fact that PST is so certain of this threat that they feel the need to warn people, means it should be taken very seriously.


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#2 4 years ago

It is special for them to make this kind of an announcement indeed, although I remember there were some similar alarms that turned out to be false from the past years after 9/11.

It's pretty interesting because Norway is a small country by population and the number of large cities; how easy it would be to deter a terrorist attack if it was known beforehand it's going to happen but nothing else is known.


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#3 4 years ago

[SIZE="1"]Isn't the situation across the entire western world one of a persistent imminent terrorist attack?[/SIZE]