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#1 4 years ago

Do you read books? Yes? No? Often? Rarely?

It's something that's occupied my mind a lot recently because looking back through my life I realize that I haven't really read that many books. There's not a single textbook I remember that I've read through all the way (though who seriously ever does? :p).

I mean, a lot of that is lack of interest in reading itself. I've always kind of had a tough time with it, either because of the OCD or because sometimes I literally could not resolve the meaning of sentences in my brain even after scanning with my eyes several times. However, listening seems to do some good (thank you MIT for your generosity, BTW). I grew up listening to a lot of audio books, stories and the radio. Hell, I still go to sleep listening to music and movies instead of watching them.

But books's a squishy sort of thing. I was about to consult an educational psychologist, but the money was too big an issue to continue with it.

I always experiment with new methods of reading like reading only certain words that stick out in paragraphs or just read the info in the margins which, if you consider it, is where all the important stuff is anyway. The bulk of the text is either secondary or tertiary commentary or case studies (the latter of which I generally do read). I mean, obviously some (a lot) of books are just boring or uninteresting, but what do you think of this type of situation?

Side Note: I wish I could be a professional scientist without a degree. It's easy to say just do it, but with all the competition who have degrees and other such credentials, it's kinda hard to beat those barriers to entry.

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#2 4 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]I have to say, but not very often. I mainly read military books. One of the more recent on my list is A Higher Call, but some of my other favourites include Born to Fly, and The Forgotten 500. [/COLOR]



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#3 4 years ago

Ah, one of the many regrets of my life. I used to read in my free time when I was a kid, then school work got too excessive and removed myself from reading anything I wasn't required to for quite some time. Add the Internet and other distractions and for the longest time I hadn't been doing it.

The point is that I haven't read as much as I'd have liked to, in my life. I've been trying to amend that mistake recently; about the one and only good thing about e-tablets, especially when coupled with some classical music medleys playing while reading.


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#4 4 years ago

I only got into reading some time ago. It was mainly the "I'm too cool for reading, because it's old" mindset, combined with school forcing me to read books I had absolutely zero interest in, that caused that.

It was Orwell's 1984 that made me get into reading. I picked up a lot of people referencing it when talking about the NSA-Affair and I just thought "Might as well give it a try." Do not regret just one bit. I even found myself reading till 3:30 in the night, just because I wanted to find out what happens next so badly.


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#5 4 years ago

I can't read.

Keklolnope, Of course I can. Been one hell of a reader since the start. Got bumped a few reading levels at early elementary because of my skills. Didn't quite had a passion for it until my mother forced me to start reading books other than Dick Bruna's stuff (easy read, quick to finish). I've read a lot of stuff, though I definitely prefer books with a more modern style of writing. Though, that's not to say I like it like that James Patterson guy. Nah, give me more detailed writing like Christopher Paulini's Eragon books. Or Robert Ludlum. A book i enjoyed recently is Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Book is better than the game, surprisingly. Mostly because it doesn't make Kenway look like a jackdawass till the last half hour.

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#6 4 years ago

I love reading !

Since Im very historical interested theres a certain genre I tend to keep with, but I cant honestly finish a book if the writer doesnt pen in a way I find stimulating..

a great few books I have immensely enjoyed is Raymond Khoury with the Templar series, of course a few great from Stephen King, and Sven Hazel ( i know a fraud but a good writer!)

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#7 4 years ago

I like to read, but don't usually get around to read quite as much as I would like due to work (which involves quite a bit of reading in itself).

Last book I read was "Command and Control", which is basically a short history of nuclear weapons and their (lack of) safety. Very interesting, I think a lot of people would be surprised by the immense risks we have been taking simply by believing government officials who tell us that they can control dangerous technologies.

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#8 4 years ago

Less and less, which is kind of sad. As I've probably said before, I work for a newspaper. I ready copy everyday, all day. I'm just tired of reading by the time I get home. I'm beginning to see more and more why people like sports, a mindless escape.




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#9 4 years ago

When I was younger I could easily devour a novel in an afternoon. Nowadays, Im lucky if I get to sit down long enough to read the blurb... I remember one evening when I was about ten or so, my grandfather gave me "Queen of the Swords" by Michael Moorcock. Iirc he came in late from work around 9pm. I had the book finished by 3am. I recently took several months to get through Hemingways "A Farewell to Arms" and that book is fucking short, yo.


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#10 4 years ago

I am an avid reader and an amateur military historian.

Also I am a writer wannabe :P

EDIT: Which reminds me, is there a problem with the History and Warfare subforum? I don't see any threads in it.