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16th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

A few months ago we introduced two new forums to The Pub for debate and discussion on religious and political issues. After lengthy deliberation, it has been decided that these forums will be removed.

The Religious forum is simply repeated thread after repeated thread, all discussing the same ‘Evolution/Atheist vs. Creationist/Christian’ issues.

The Political forum has had it’s day now the recent election is over.

Regarding religion, we will go back to the historical situation of having one thread for this type of argument, and I will ask all users to consider if their point for political debate is a duplicate of a previous thread or not.

This decision is final and will not be reversed, so there is not point in complaining about it.

All existing threads will be moved to The Pub and I will ask you to be respectful of the forum Moderators as they go about the task of cleaning things up.


AzH Senior Administrator