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#1 2 months ago

I chose to post this in The Pub since the description warrants intelligent discussion on real-life issues, even though this has apparently been used for matters concerning a subhuman species known as "politicians" in recent times. Let me know if this should be moved.

So as I'm chilling in bed with my laptop because I am sick, I once again come to a realization that I am detached from generations Y and Z completely despite being a '95er.

  • Online presence - whereas today's GenZ trash loves to waste theirs and other people's time by trolling, shitposting and simply proving their worthlessness through a mentality based exclusively on seeking attention, at my worst I end up in an endless YouTube video watching loop, and at my best I end up working on one of the four sites I'm staff at that nobody apparently cares about anymore. So I'm more productive than people younger than me, but I'm still not productive. Aaargh.
  • Music - yeah, fuck what's currently being made. Unless it's an older artist/band doing new stuff or a rising "domestic" artist, today's terrible excuses for "music" are unworthy of my ears, so I stick to 90s and early 2000s stuff.
  • Series/films - I mainly stopped watching series probably because of laziness, but when I do, I re-watch things like Star Trek and The Office (US). But I used to go to the theatre at least once a month, and that dwindled in the past 2 years or so until I started straight-up refusing to see new movies because they're watered-down pieces of bullshit that have half-assed actors just trying to get some money out of a special-FX-spammy film. Will still watch Star Wars sequels and that's pretty much it.
  • Games - the only things I'm looking forward to are Ion Maiden and maybe Cyberpunk 2077. The rest can eat a dick, both copypasta AAA wrongly-focus-tested trash (I have my enemies at EA, legitimately!), and copypasta kickstarted indie platformers/visual novels/JRPGs. I daily check GOG's front page, and the new releases are just pathetic. Again I turn to pre-2008 stuff unless that stuff is called Saints Row or The Witcher.

You might be just thinking to yourself, "Oh, this old fart is just gonna be dropping the 'back in my day' card forever now", but again, I'm a '95er, and nearly everything I like is stuck in an era when I was just a kid, even though I didn't even know about many of those things back then. I guess I just picked up the way things used to be way back when and saw everything else as inferior as a result.

Despite my birth year, I feel like I do not belong to any generation. I was never "in", and I never will be "in", because what used to be "in" is no longer seen as valuable by almost anyone, and what is currently "in" is shit with no change visible in the horizon.


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#2 2 months ago

I know the feeling, but in a different way.

As a member of Generation X, I have settled into the old man role. That also comes with not caring what anyone thinks of me. If you were born after 1990, I will be calling you "son" long before I bother to learn your real name. I also drive a 50th Anniversary Cadillac DeVille, and my dream car is a 50s or 60s Chrysler Imperial.

  • Online presence - I do still check here, but not near as often as I once did. I frequent guitar news sites, such as Premier Guitar. The only time I ever actually watch YouTube is in watching guitar/gear channels, such as Ryan Bruce, Rob Chapman, Andertons, or Brian Wampler. I am quite a guitar nerd, so I will watch gear stuff for a good hour or two if I have the spare time.
  • Music - I still listen to disco and ska. I like some 80s rock. I LOVE country, but only 90s country. Anything newer than that is all electronic stupidity.
  • Series/films - Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Top Gear, I will watch those all day long, no matter how many times I have seen every episode. I don't watch cartoons of any kind, least of all the ones loved by anyone born after 1990. As for going to movies, I refuse to be raped by those prices, but I will not deal with other people. I will wait until I can rent the movie, and watch it at home.
  • Games - All of my gaming is in single-player. I don't play multi-player of any kind. I also don't have any consoles, nor do I care about console gaming.


Basically, I tend to be more akin to Jeremy Clarkson most of the time. I want things to be the way they were in the 50s and 60s, and I am grumpy about change. Society today is allowing children to run the world, which means us mature and responsible adults are the ones regarded as, or compared to Adolf Hitler. There are so many days when I don't want to be a part of society anymore.