Removing vital drugs from First contact emergancy people in UK!!! 0 replies

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30th October 2006

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#1 12 years ago

This is crazy!!! In rural areas wherew it takes time for proper medical assistance to get there, We have a scheme where some of the general public in the area are trained and equiped for medical emergices and to stableise patience before paramedics can get there. Its been in action for 4+ years and as been a massive success saving 1000's of lives.

Now, there removing 1/2 the drugs from them which means that there trained to deal with things such as cardiac arrests, Severe assma attacks etc etc, but will be unable to deal with it due to these drugs been removed. And why you ask are they been removed??? Because someone thinks that theres a law being broken somewhere. To further complicate things, Different counties have tooken it differently and some are continuing to use certain drugs.

What a fucking joke!!! THeres been absolutly no complaints in the 4 years and 1000's have people have been saved. All this politcal bollocks is bullshit. Just let them do the job they've been set out to do and keep your fat ugly noses out of it. Britain is turning into a OTT politally correct nation that's coming up with more crazy rulings all the time. Next we will be getting people like G.W Bush as prime minister!!! O wait a second, We got his lapdog Tony Blair!!!!


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