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26th July 2004

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#51 12 years ago

~Merrick;4556400I didn't say anything more than there was a scandal on the horizon. I commend her for her keeping her child and not killing it by abortion.

And I have done my research, and you think I am untraveled, you know NOTHING about me. Maybe you can get some signed statements of all of the people you have talked to in alaska, then post those here for us. I am sure you have talked to the thousands whom live there and are now on the ballot to run for governor ?Please.

And yes there is a scandal about her daughter. Her mom is a prominent politician who was just chosen for vice presidency and she " can't control her 17 year old daughter". Do I think this should influence the voters ? Hell no I don't.. You are right, it is life. But I still stand by the fact that her experience is not enough to run this country. She is not worldly enough. Even Obama made a statement that if he finds out it is someone in his stable making the claims about her kids and her soon to be grand kid, he will fire them. You can't be there for your kids one hundred percent that is true, you hope your kids listen and do as they are asked, or told. But then, in most states, 17 is not a consenting age for sex, you have to have parents permission. Still think it isn't going to cause waves with her candidacy ? Maybe you need to look again at this with OPEN EYES. Eyes of Realism, and not just from a Democratic/liberalist/republican/independant standpoint. Choose any one of them. I don't care about whether or not the candidate is Republican or other. What I care about are the issues and whether I believe he/she can do something about it. Is he/she a good person? Good enough to do what is right.... THAT is what i give a shit about.

To be quite honest, It doesn't matter whether McCain or Obama get in. Either one. There will always be things left undone by the president's candidacy because you can't please everyone. So next time you want to judge, get off your polished white horse and actually debate before you judge.

Get me that list of people you spoke to in Alaska also, all 670,053 by the 2006 consenus. When you become governor up there, then you can make claims that you know what everyone is thinking. Governorship, or you became Professor X and now are the worlds most powerful telepath. In that case, you can run for president. You'll get my vote soo long as you bring my friends home from the fucking war!

shes not the one that would be running the country, but then again it seems so many think McCain is gonna drop dead 1st day in office cuz hes 150 yr old. so we would be left with an inexperienced president.....hmmmmm... that sounds like obama


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5th September 2006

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#52 12 years ago

Where you travel is irrelevant, and was not asked of you now was it. It was the suggestive lean of your post about Palin and her ability to govern a state that received scorn. No there is no scandal, her daughter got pregnant, the left leaning press attempted a scandal because they were/are in a state of panic. This “scandal” has been shot down by McCain and Palin because left leaning blog sights were spreading rumors about the details, so a personal family matter was brought to the publics attention by Palin to nip it in the butt. Obama (to which I corrected in another post) also verbally backhanded the press telling them to shut up about it that everyone has family issues and that he himself was born out of wedlock - big deal. I’m just saying don’t buy in to it or peruse it further – because no one cares except for people who hate McCain and Republicans. I’m not giving you friends, colleges or joe/jane political discussions of Alaskan folks I know or met whom I shit the breeze with and the hissy response doesn’t dissuade my perception of how most folks I dealt with felt about the woman. She had/has high approval ratings and the general consensus was that she had brought her state out of the mirth with her reform programs. What you or I think is irrelevant, the people of Alaska obviously think she is doing a good job. Approval ratings in the 80 percentile range speak for her accomplishments as a qualified leader and that I find admirable compared to Biden.