Scientists defend warning after tsunami nonevent 14 replies

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#11 9 years ago

This is crying wolf after you see the wolf, only the wolf walks past the village. I'm with nite on this. If they think it was such an inconvenience to, you know, try and survive. Don't warn them next time.


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9th June 2009

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#12 9 years ago

People really are idiots. They have no appreciation for science and will flip out whenever they get a false alarm. No more warnings. Just tell them to build houses up in the hills.

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23rd September 2004

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#13 9 years ago

I would have thought that people who were in Hawaii, especially those who saw the events of the 2004 tsunami off of Indonesia or even those that were in the 1960 tsunami (after the earthquake in Chile) would be thankful that there is now a system set up to warn them well in advance. The tsunami 50 years ago caused more than 60 deaths and millions in damages, so it was reasonable to expect a similar possible impact.

(source: Hawaii's tsunami history - A destructive and deadly past )

A day of not going to the beach or going to work and they complain about it, unbelievable.


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#14 9 years ago

Thats why I say dont warn them next time. Let them die. They dont appreciate the common courtesy and technology that was invented just to look out for them.


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2nd December 2009

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#15 9 years ago

Should be a SURFS UP warming !

l can just see Slater now, cruizing past the sydney Opra house, at roof top level , flat out like a lizard drinkin all the way to the western suburbs ! LOOL !

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