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26th September 2005

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#21 14 years ago

you sure u haven't smoked any lately, because you sound really paranoid lol. Look don't even trip, its not that big of a deal, and if anything u'd rather have your dad smoke weed inted of the hundreds of crazier drugs that are out there

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9th December 2003

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#22 14 years ago

Just tell your dad that you spotted the stuff in his backpack whn you think it's the right moment for it. Ask him if he uses it and if so why? If you don't use a hostile voice your dad should be old and wise enough to explain to you what is up with what you saw.

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19th April 2004

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#23 14 years ago

Well its not addictive, so see if you can ask him to quit. Tell him you need some money for collage and him quitting weed will put alot of money in the bank for you.

I relly would not worry about it, in a few months you will have your own license and car so you could drive where you need to go.