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Homo Obnoxius

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13th December 2009

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#1 8 years ago

Have you remarked that the pub became really silent after Alex' ban ? It's really weird. I couldn't stand that guy, but damn I feel so bored. I guess we all need someone other than JR to laugh at or argue with. Well, it's not really silent, but the latest topics aren't what I would post in, just some random news items. With Alex, it was really funny, because he was a determined patriot... Well, sometimes, you'll realize that your biggest enemy or rival is also the guy you just can't miss =p

Joe Bonham

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10th December 2005

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#2 8 years ago

I honestly didn't have a problem with him. Yes, some of his ideas were a bit unconventional, but he posted a lot of interesting (and controversial threads)