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5th December 2004

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#51 12 years ago
Machiavelli's ApprenticeAnd we are obtaining nuclear power, solar power, wind power... all of that pollution should be a thing of the past in the near future - assuming there are no catastrophes.;)

Nuclear power is not something I would rely on, due to the fact that the mid-life of uranium and plutonium are incredibly too high. Also, it is not to forget that the trash it makes is still radioactive and that with their disposal, there is still the possibility of leaks. Just a little earthquake in a region with that kind of disposal and well, you got a leak affecting deeply the local environment. That is until we find how to do fusion or if Hydrinos' theory is right. As for the Day After Tomorrow, what we see in that movie is not the truth, it would never happen like that. But a new cold age in reaction with today's ice caps melting in Europe is more that probable. As I showed before about the north pole ice caps' melting. If they melt, well the concentration of salty cold water (which is by definition heavier) is going to be lowering by alot favoured by the increased ammount of water comming from the north (more solvent, same soluty = lowered concentration). With this, the salty water of the Gulf stream could be blocked by this ammount of water of a similar density, thus making it go somewhere else, preventing Europe of having its thermal conditionner. All this should be causing another ice age to Europe. Wheter or not it is caused by human or nature only, well, it is highly probable for Europe.

As for America, something similar but not as bad as Europe could happen for the same reasons. Cold water going on surface would not be the best thing for us.

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22nd March 2005

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#52 12 years ago

Have any of you heard of "rods from god"? Apparently, it involves big tungsten rods dropped from a satellite, whicch go boom when they strike the surface. Lots of heat, lots of speed, lots of destruction. I am kinda interested in this idea...