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oh wahtever

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5th December 2004

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#61 16 years ago
jAk bla bla blub .

:D Are you guys brothers or something?! you cause all you said was millions of miles away to make any sence at all :D whats your problem ? You guys got ADD ? ........look a butterfly :D and please dont refer to the gramma , everyone else didnt seemed to have any problems ;) The French Fry boycott was a citizen demonstration. The government took no part in the boycott. A bunch of unhappy Americans around the country thought it would be clever to call the fries freedom fries. I thought it was ridiculous myself. It was moslty just morons doing it. Freedom fries were not a popular idea in America. I can't even think of ever going into a restaurant to see freedom fries on the menu. Actually it was sort of a question , i never said i know it... good to know anyways, thnx (seriously) I wouldn't be calling people kiddo if I were you. Anyway, we don't kill humans for profit. You think we are profitting off the Iraqi war? Ha, I ask you to go look up the costs of this idiotic war. Tell me how much we are profitting now. waht is this a joke?! Again, read the freakin stuff before you answer! dont bother here is waht i said : "The military is just a tool for stupid and gready leaders to get more money, property or prestige or wahtever!" I never said ALL americans made a profit out of that. You don't know what propaganda is? What are you doing here then, trying to spark a debate? You obviously do not have any skills when it comes to argumentation. Wars are not happy joy. ahaha omg a seriously hint : try to google for the meaning of the word "SARCASM" i want this to end cause its way off topic , so i declare you ADD`kids teh WINNER ! flap77.jpg @ -DarthMaul- Peacekee[ing thrpughout the world where needed, trying to stop bush from starting a crusade[failed], saving people from genocide[didnt do anything in sudan or palastine yet..], and lots of other things, but i think its corrupted. very corrupted. true true.... it is for sure corrupted , cause its ran by humans ;) but anyways you cant deny that it was/is still useful for the world


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24th April 2003

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#62 16 years ago

tetsu OO.....proof? ...oh yeah i guessed you read that in a comic....thats ok [/QUOTE]


nuff said.

tetsu :) even if its not for the oil/or money they made out of it , its bullshit anyways ;) [/QUOTE] So you make a stupid argument, then retract it to put up a stupider one?

tetsuyeah it was an citizan demonstration huh....[/QUOTE] Exactly.

tetsubla blub ! you sound like a nazi :) ! scapegoat had a good answer to that ....btw wahts a propoganda ? [/QUOTE] Piss off you nasty piece of crap. Dont you friggin call me a nazi. Grow up you little kid.

tetsufirst of all waht does me sound like a ? yeah and you will find no war at all where not the ones that started it doesnt wanted property, money, or wahtever ;) ! Except for some psyckos...but anyways that doesnt make wars a useful thing for the world....or a good thing to "love" waht you obviously do kiddo :D [/QUOTE] You dont know me so piss off.

tetsu LOL so you fought in one? Actually i dont have to fight in an "happy joy war" to know that i dont want to kill other humans for the profit of old people sitting and farting in their chairs ;) and again kiddo :D ! Actually i couldnt kill at all ! [/QUOTE] Your arguments reflect your intelligence :cort:

tetsu None of your business! but anyways for "me" is someone that refers to a book written by someone he doesnt know, for a reason he doesnt know, a creapy being wich i just cant understand ..yeah ! wich doesnt mean that he couldnt be very smart

Dont know where to start so im not going to.

[QUOTE=tetsu]1) w/e 2) pff ...again kiddo :D

(1) Dont call me kid. (2) I am older than you. (3) Even liberals will say i kno more than you.

[QUOTE=tetsu]yeah i know (btw dont call me kid cause you sound like a seventeen year old , and i probably could be your daddy ;))

Not with your intelligence.

[QUOTE=tetsu]uhu...and ? Oh i see you didnt get it and just wanted to say something that sounds smart ....thats ok


[QUOTE=tetsu]You should shut up when you are blaming people that do/pay for aid and you give a fuck , yeah ;)

:wtf: :cort:

[QUOTE=tetsu]Who the hell sayd the world hates americans? What the hell is your source of information..."I" for my self hate and blame war at all so i dislike what your leaders are doing! i know that its in some ways not your fault ! And yeah the world would be hurting a while, and america would die ! just read scapegoats answer , maybe it will open your mind!

If you dont kno that at least a few countries hate america than I believe I can no longer speak to you.

[QUOTE=tetsu]let me quote you here : It would be good if you had the most remote idea of what you were talking about. ;)

Yes you should know what ur talking about. You didnt take my advice...



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13th February 2004

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#63 16 years ago

Haha, you tell 'im, NiteStryker!

(3) Even liberals will say i kno more than you. I can attest to that. Tetsu is an annoying little pr*ck who knows nothing. (Sorry for the harsh language.) If you dont kno that at least a few countries hate america than I believe I can no longer speak to you. Gee, I wonder why? They must hate us for absolutely no reason! :rolleyes: That Boycott France pic is funny. And then it says "The Spin Stops Here." Where did you get that from? That sock-sniffing bog-trotter Bill O'Reilly? (Lol, yes I got that insult from Maddox.)