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#21 11 years ago

MrFancypants;5237602[COLOR=Black]Often suicide attempts are the result of a depression, which isn't really a bad character trait but more of a disease (at least if you are talking about a real depression and not some mood-swings). So telling people to snap out of it or to grow some balls and deal with reality like you do is a bit like telling someone with terminal cancer that he should just stop whining, look at the people who don't have cancer and get on with life.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

In the case of a chemical inbalance, the person isnt technically at fault, so, I would recommend help. But for a stupid girl who was just "sad about her boyfriend leaving", I would help her tie the noose. He made it sound like she was just sad about her boyfriend. O. P. didnt indicate mental patterns of suicidal ideations.

Blank Stare;5238091No offense, but you probably have no idea what you are talking about.

Correction made above. In the case of a chemical imbalance-caused depression, that is a different matter.

[QUOTE=Blank Stare;5238091]A 6 year old kid was admitted for stabbing the shit out of his chest with a pencil. When asked why he did it he just sobbed and sobbed that he hated himself. That's when I started looking at this stuff a lot differently. How can a child even think like that? Real sad.

In all honesty, a child like that shouldnt be allowed in the general population anyhow. Kid has problems and I hope they could fix him, because if not, the only alternative would be to keep him in the Happy House for the safety of others AND himself..


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#22 11 years ago

I understand what your friend is going through. My best friend is currently in a relationship, and another friend of mine recently ended a relationship of his due to a lack of spare time to devote to her. When they were dating, his girlfriend was his girlfriend. However, now that they separated, and only a week later she had found someone else, he is a broken man indeed. No longer is she another girl, in his mind, she is "that" girl.

Everyone goes through break ups in their lifetime. Especially after devoting a majority of your time to a boyfriend or girlfriend for over a year, your life is significantly altered in result. After going through this my self, I've come to realize that that is a bad thing to do, as we can see in result of your situation, as well as my buddies situation, despite the fact that they were only dating for a couple of months if even that.

The fact that your friend is considering suicide is definitely not good, though. Whereas I can, to some extent, understand she is going through considerable confusion and pain, plus the battle between her mind and heart, it is in no way healthy to consider ending your life due to a separation. I find it best to merely spend a lot of time with someone when you end a relationship. Keeping distance from your previous "lover" is indeed important, as it is a very touchy area when only a short time after a break up. Some people wait awhile before adopting another person to call their boyfriend or girlfriend, while others do not. Understandably, seeing your previous boyfriend or girlfriend with another individual can be even more harmful to someone in such a vulnerable stage.

The best things to do during times like these are as follows:

- Keep your friend away from his/her past boyfriend/girlfriend. - Do not mention, or directly try to make your friend feel better. It may seem to help, but making the person ponder on the fact more can sometimes cause more harm than good. This varies from person to person, so deem for yourself. - Make an effort to do "fun" things. The more time your friend spends having fun as opposed to pondering over his/her break-up, the sooner he/she can come to realize that things are okay, and not nearly as bad as they seem.

Best of luck on getting your friend on the right track again. With time, the solution will solve itself, but considering the fact that your friend seems to be having considerable issues with the separation, it is definitely best to support her through this "post-relationship" period.