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14th March 2004

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#81 14 years ago

Its my impression that the terrorists killed in Iraq have nothing to do with the "War on terror" in the west! I dont see many potential Muhammed Ata's among them. They are recruited in the region, and would, due to stubborn singlemindedness, fueled only by fanaticism, be poor choices for trying to live incognito in some western country planning major strikes. They are merely cannon fodder drawing attention from those with the potential to pose a real threat.... And they are in some aspects succeding.. Because often you hear someone mention the number of dead insurgents in Iraq as a measure of the succes in "war on terror". At the same time Al Quida is treated like some sort of James Bond Sprectre organisation. That seems wrong imo. To me it looks like AQ is a label "earned" by groups of extremists when they succeed, and only when they succeed, in performing an attack... A method securing that AQ appears to be very succesful... Seems to remember that the group attacking London called themselves The Avenging Lefthand Indexfinger of Allah or something similar unimpressive... When they succeeded AQ "adopted" them.


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8th July 2004

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#82 14 years ago
-DarthMaul-Ghetto like areas with no jobs. yeah seems fair. they shoul djust sit there and not complain.

You're absolutely right. Give them jobs so they can buy more Vaseline. (The French)


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30th August 2005

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#83 13 years ago

I do agree in so many ways. The pen IS, indeed, mightier than the sword. The pen has become the sword, and the sword has become what people in ancient times believed to be the pen. The sword is now powerless, and the pen is almighty. Go, Eminem! Bash Bush! Maybe you'll shut these stupid politicians the f*** up... or fuel them, I'm not sure which

GreatGrizzlyWe are fighting a people that hates us. We have one of the largest militaries in the world. They can strike any where, at any time, any place. Our government goes against their very religion. The government seems to think that the more insurgents they kill the less the terrorists. Terrorists dont fear death, how is death going to stop them? For every insurgent that we kill, the wife and son will become one. For every brother we kill, the other brother will become one. You cannot attack a idealogy with bullets, it just wont happen. America was founded by "Insurgants" We were up against an army that dwarfed our own. They thought that if they sent troops over to quell the uprising, everyone will forget. The Americans didnt forget the want for their own nation. We used guerilla tactics, wearing down the grand british army and navy. They sent an army to attack an ideology, Freedom for all religions, races, cultures. It didnt work. And now we are here, fighting a people whos ideology differs from our own. We cannot force them to think like us. We cannot scare them into thinking like us. We cant hurt them into thinking like us. All we are doing is turning younger generations hostile to the westerners. Creating more terrorists, something we dont want to do. If only the government and the chickenhawks would see this. We have to change many aspects of our culture to reduce terrorism. We have to show the common peoples of the middle east that we are not demons. We have to show them that they are better off as a westerner. We must teach them that we are not cruel, ruthless. When they see us on their land, they get mad, when they see us attacking another country for no reason, they think that all the anti-american propaganda is true, that we are devils. The muslims tell their children how bad the US is, only to be confirmed when someone close to them dies due to a mistake by the US military or a terrorist that is trying to take out our soldiers. History has shown that military might cannot destroy an ideology. Military will suppress it, will never get rid of it. And when the military is weak, the ideology that has been suppressed all these years will be released causing normal people to bear arms and fight to the death. Military wont cut it, how can America show the common people that we are not bad, that the grass is greener on the other side for any man, woman, child that comes over? How will we defuse the hatred of the western world? How do we tell them that we are normal people that just want to live our life the best we can, and shed the demonic image that we have gained?