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7th November 2005

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#711 12 years ago

Oh the 'Iraqi Study Group' thing? why bother? They fill it with asshats who dont have a real clue whats going on over there other than what people tell them (a long convoluted chain that is too). All to report to some guy whose mind is made up before the results come in. If they say the war is winnable, then Bush sticks to his guns and we fight it out for another decade. If they say the war is unwinnable, Bush says we must redouble our efforts and we fight it out for another 10 years, if they say slow withdrawl, Bush has us pull out in 10 years, seeing a pattern here? the conclusion was made before the formula even began so now the question is whether we ride this sick poney to its inevitable end, or salvage some semblance of vicotry and pull the 'f out.



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28th August 2006

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#712 12 years ago
Locomotor;2567556Well, I figured I'd much rather be on the defense than on the offense when it comes to the Bush Administration here, so... I believe Bush is a fantastic president who is given so little credit (To be expected though, it's been that way since Reagan.) for how much he has done for America and other countries. My favorite being Reagan, of course. "I think Bush is one of the best president's we've ever had." - Jimmy Carter Here goes. If I leave something out, fill me in. 1. Legitamently won the 2000 election against an absolute dunce. 2. Legitamently won four (One being illegal) recounts after the 2000 election! 3. Legitamently won the 2004 election against an absolute dunce. 4. Deftly handled the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history. 5.. With the support of nearly 60 nations and the vast majority of both sides in the House and Senate, Bush lead America in toppling fascist regimes in Afghanistan and instilled Democracy there. 6. Virtually saved the wavering post-9/11 American economy by signing the Economic Growth and Reconciliation Act of 2001 7. Put together an "Astonishingly talented group of advisors" - Ann Coulter after 9/11. 8. Enacted the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, introducing some much needed policies to Medicare, such as pescription drug coverage. 9. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002. 10. Bush signed the Great Lakes Legacy Act of 2002, enforcing environmental regulations in the polluted Great Lakes. 11. Bush signed the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 12. With a ton of international and domestic support, Bush lead America in destroying Saddam Hussein's fascist government in less than three weeks! 13. Helping the Iraqis rebuild a Democratic Government that represents all portions of the Iraqi population. Three successful elections have taken place, bringing out more than 12 million Iraqis to take part in this historic reconstruction. 14. Continuing to make economic progress by pursuing strict "supply-side" economics, effectively keeping inflation at historic lows between 2 and 3% and tax revenues at record highs. Nearly 5,000,000 jobs have been createdsince 2003. His Pros outweigh his Cons a million to one. Chuckle and call me naive all you want, I did the same with the Misdeeds thread.

I don't think he is doing that bad basicaly.I quoted, to refresh your list. Also I believe the news is doing all the damage to bush and USA, one example, I seen day after day after day BEFORE the election scenes in Iraq of bombs etc etc, election is over, I havn't barely seen any film or news of shots from within Iraq. That and along with the terrorist, they play us, they probably made as much chaos as they could before our last election, and our news plays right into it.



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30th March 2003

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#713 12 years ago
Locomotor;3138357Yes, well I never congradulated Zab for kicking my ass in the beginnings of this thread. My first few posts are embarrassing, in retrospect. I'm hardly a supporter of Bush now, which is made apparent by my recent attitudes toward him. He's done some good things, I suppose, but I'd like to restate one of the lines in the first post I made: "his cons outweigh his pros a million to one." I think that works.

Man, I forgot about this. Locomotor, I once had positive feelings towards Bush - ONCE. (Back in 2000[after he was first elected] when I thought he'd be a refreshing moderate...boy was that wrong.) We all make mistakes...:p Bush seems to make all of them...:uhm:

Anyway, almost a year later, we can all realize that Bush is still on the wrong path - I mean Iraq is one hell of a mess...

That's all the evidence anyone could ever need...:cort: