The Conquest of America... was it right or wrong? 70 replies

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9th February 2004

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#71 11 years ago
Mr. Matt;4950564Come on, Nem, I thought you studied history beyond secondary school. As an academic subject, you don't apply your own morality to past events - you'll fail in your studies, you'll fail your papers, and you'll fail your exams. More importantly, you'll miss the entire point. It's the same reason why Lawrence James is appreciated and Niall Furguson can't write a good book to save his life.

Yes, we should all write our papers based on what people like to hear. :uhoh:

Mankind has known exploitation to be wrong since the very first revolt against subjugation. Easy money and rose lenses tend to keep it that way and giving it the rubber stamp of "they didn't think like us back then" just furthers the point. Nemmerle is spot on when describing moral systems; all human events fall within their scope. I would not be so brash as to say "our moral systems did not exist back then". It was simply of matter of those who wished to stay in power keeping it that way for quite some time, the very basis for our own "moral systems" of today. It is far easier to squash secular reasoning with a sword than it is over a matter of wits.