The Death Penalty and other matters of Justice 251 replies

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27th September 2005

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#251 15 years ago
RHSRunner88When I say harsh punishment, I talk about being kicked out of our country. That is harsh enough. Be moved to a remote island in the Atlantic or Pacific with all the other criminals. Food will be sent, also hospital systems will be set up. But as it stands we don't want them. And I'm talking about the harshest of criminals. I also think religious rehabilitation should be set forth for criminals who wish to take part in it. It is a proven fact that many criminals who perform heinious acts can turn their lives around from religion. But I do not support imposing religion on anyone, even a criminal. Physical abuse should never be tolerated by any means.

If we want to exhile them from the country and it's people, I'd hope they would at least get something less cushy than a remote south Pacific island.


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12th March 2005

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#252 15 years ago

I think that Rockall would be a good place to put criminals. Hell, look at Australia, they were a prison colony in the beginning. Look what happened to them! Good economy, good infastructure, good relations with the western countries and one of the most well known places to go on a holiday.