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I didn't make it!

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#31 14 years ago

I agree with that. I love how stupid kids graduate from high school, and are awakened to the horrors of real life. I love it, just love it.



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5th August 2003

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#32 14 years ago

ExcessionYour opinions please Ladies and Gentlemen, on people who have a predilection for abusing the English language. I'm not talking about an innocuous typing error or even 'leet speak', but the inability of obviously intelligent people here to construct their posts in line with proper grammar and structure.

There are many people on these boards who do not have English as a first language, yet these people seem to have a better grasp of how to construct a readable post than many for whom English is the mother tongue. When I see a post typed by someone from America, Canada or Great Britain which isn't presented in an easily understood format I tend to overlook it. This isn't because I dispute the validity of the reply, but because it takes me some time to actually understand what the hell that person is trying to say.

Please, those of you that this alludes to, spare a thought for your foreign cousins who do not have a mastery of English when you post, and at least try to make sense. . .

Deal with it.


I didn't make it!

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#33 14 years ago

Why should we? People who are obviously from the USA or England, yet fail to comprehend English should be classified as retarded in my opinion.

damn dude did u c dat shit in the fo-heezy? Anything about that look wrong to you? Just slightly retarded?



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30th March 2003

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#34 14 years ago

This is a gaming forum for christ's sake. Who cares how the English looks. As long as one can read it, and comprehend it, it's fine. We already all know that in the "professional-career-look-at-me-I'm-doing-TPS-reports" world it's different. At least I think most people do.

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#35 14 years ago
As long as one can read it, and comprehend it, it's fine.

But that's the point. We can't :nodding:


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17th September 2003

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#36 14 years ago
OctovonDeal with it.

I do deal with it. Everytime I have to read the posts of the silly members here who cannot find the time to enter one or two extra letters to the words they are typing. Or, what is even worse, they use inaccurate grammar. It is difficult for non-english speaking persons to understand things when you type them like you would say them, or are just generally lazy.

I do not think that my request is outlandish when I ask that people take extra care when communicating on what is actually an international forum.