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#1 2 years ago

This is incredible.

The European Commission - one of the executive branches of the European Union - has banded together with a number of research funders from throughout Europe to create what has been called "Plan-S".

Under Plan-S, funders will pay an upfront fee to journals to cover editing costs, the so-called article-processing charges, to ensure the work is available free to access for anyone in perpetuity. The journal should be entirely open access, rather than a hybrid that offers an open access option. Authors, not publishers, will maintain copyright on their work. Ā 

One of the major information issues right now is valuable information and research being locked behind paywall. It should be available to not just scientists and researchers, but to every day citizens who may have an interest in it. There is no reason for these papers to be locked away behind subscription services - those that authored them receive their dues, and often they may not have any choice in the matter, being pushed by other forces to publish to gatekeeper journals.