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#11 7 months ago
Posted by Adrian Ţrumpeş

Interestingly enough, some birds of prey will actually start wildfires.

That's Australia and I don't know what the majority of raptors are in Europe, but I've heard reports that some will actually carry burning twigs and drop them in certain areas as a means of getting rid of competitors.  Of course, it could just be an accident but nevertheless a possibility.

Of course the animals in Australia will be starting fires. It's fucking Australia, where the national language is screaming. I'm surprised the wildlife hasn't developed a nuclear programme yet.

On the subject of what started the fires in Europe, it's a confluence of things, but at least some of them will have been started deliberately. While firefighters were dealing with wildfires in Lancashire, for instance, a helicopter spotted some idiots trying to start new ones. Similar stories have emerged in Yorkshire.

Humans be dicks, u gais.

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#12 7 months ago

Australia is wonderful. They literally had a war against emus.

And they lost.

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