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#1 3 years ago

True crime fanatics - and indeed the general public at large - may be aware of the notorious serial rapist and killer from the 80s known as the Golden State Killer, or the Original Night Stalker. Terrorizing the state of California in the late 70s and early 80s, the Original Night Stalker had three active periods, and was actually believed - until 2001 - to have been three different individuals. These periods, where he was known variably as the Visalia Ransacker, the East Area Rapist, and the Golden State Killer, took place from the mid 70s and ended with the last (known, at least) murder in the mid 80s.

In 2001, law enforcement finally tied the three together into one single individual - the Original Night Stalker. At the time, investigators said they believed the ONS to have a background in law enforcement, something that - with the recent arrest - has been confirmed.

Earlier this week, law enforcement officers arrested 72 year old Joseph James DeAngelo. Fourty years after the gruesome reign of terror of the Original Night Stalker, his identity may have finally been revealed.Ā 

How does DeAngelo fit into all this? When the attacks begun, DeAngelo had just begun work as a police officer in Exeter, California - fitting the profile built up by the investigators at the time. It was due to DNA evidence that they had recently obtained that led investigators to the arrest, and they stated they're confident they can tie him to the crimes now.

There's a longer article here by the Washington Post detailing some of the horrific murders and rapes he carried out, if you have the stomach to read about it:

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#2 3 years ago

Patton Oswalt's late wife Michelle McNamara wrote a book about this before she died. Some are crediting her book to bringing up a lot of interest in the case and getting people looking into it again.

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