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#1 2 years ago

Hold on tight. This sounds like an episode of Blacklist come to life, but following revelations over the week that President Park is advised by a council of influential oligarchs, the South Korean prosecutor's office have raided numerous offices belonging to her advisors and aides. 

At the heart of this mess is Choi Soon-sil, a cult leader and shaman, as well as a close associate of the South Korean President. According to evidence received by journalists and interviews with former associates, Choi has been involved in several major government and policy decisions through Park's career, effectively allowing her to rule in the background.

As a result of ongoing investigations, Choi has been asked - and refused - to return to South Korea. She's currently believed to be hiding in Germany, and Kim Hyun-woong has stated that he's in talks with the German authorities, though he won't reveal whether they're going to have her extradited.

Another figure in the investigation, Cha Eun-taek, is thought to be hiding in China. Together with Choi, Cha is believed to be connected with the Mir Foundations, for which a number of conglomerates were forced to raise funds for in 2015.

It's a bit of a crazy situation. A cult leader, and oligarchs, ruling a western ally from the shadow without any suspicion? Crazy.

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#2 2 years ago

South Korea seems to be a rather messed up place anyway. I read a couple of years ago about the Chaebols, large multinational corporations that have a lot of influence in the country's politics.

As for cults having political influence - that is usually on their agenda. Scientology is well known for attempts to place members in the higher management of companies and into politics. Scary that it can work out so well for the cults though.