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#1 8 months ago

Okay, it's a tad less dramatic than the title might indicate, but China's Tiangong-1 space station - launched in 2011 - is expected to make an uncontrolled descent ultimately ending in a crash to the ground between March 30 and April 3. It isn't a real danger, as it only weighs 8.5 metric tons, but no one really knows where it's going to crash. Could be anywhere from Tasmania to the west coast of Africa.

As mentioned, being only 8.5 metric tons, most of it is expected to burn up on entry. The rest will likely crash into the ocean. But it might make a spectacular show for anyone observing it!

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#2 8 months ago

Do you think being killed by falling space station is covered under insurance?

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#3 8 months ago

I sense the sarcasm is strong with this one.

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#4 8 months ago

Don't worry folks. It'll hit me. You're all safe.