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29th August 2005

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#1 15 years ago

[COLOR=red]OK I don't mean to rant, but I've been really, REALLY pissed off latley. Most people have stopped reading already, but there's a DAMN good reason to read on: this whole war inside of my head is over one thing: politicians as video game activists. [note: * means I have another word for this but I'm toning my language as this is a forum for INTELLIGENT people.] OK so what if I've played Grand Theft Auto (any of them, especially GTA III or later). That DOESN'T mean that I'm tempted to go and carjack some random person who might have a harder life than me for all I know and than shoot someone. This is what stupid people like Jack Thompson (google him. all I'm going to say is that he's a Florida attorney) and Hillary Clinton (google her, too. All I'm going to say is that she's Bill Clinton's wife and the NY State Senator... witch*) make it seem like. Jack Thompson actually said (don't quote me word for word on this, as I rephrase often, but I don't embellsh information for my side-all I do is make it simpler to understand) that he would write out a check for $20,000 (maybe it was $10,000) to any game developer who would make a game based on a 14 year old boy who is "affected" (PROBABLY mentally disturbed, but this is a guess) by his fathers' death and "video games," and goes on a shooting spree. Now please tell me how in the hell this is possible. Really... There is the "GTA Killer, but odds are in our (the gamers') favor that he wasn't quite too normal in the head to begin with. After all, the only life lesson that GTA teaches you is that money is everything. And it is, but Strategy games teach you this lesson in a much more harsh manner. Other than that, the GTA series is meant for entertainment, not a "killing simulator," and in spite of how hard you try, it just can't be labeled as such. However, this is only on the surface of my issue... My real problem is the new "hot button" in Congress: Cannibalism in Video Games-AKA Zombies. I kid you not, fellow gamers. The new label for zombies (sub-human, parasite/virus controlled people without feelings, morals, or knowledge of what the hell they're doing) is CANNIBALS. And among the "12 games to avoid list" are Resident Evil 4, F.E.A.R., Stubbs the Zombie, and anything else with an actual FUN factor. Children's games are designed for, well... CHILDREN. No teenager is going to like them. And many children's games make the "T" label now. It's not even a rating anymore, as the only way for the ESRB to survive at this point is to over-rate the games they recieve. There are many people in politics and "entertainment boards" that want to create a new, government regulated ratings system. My opinion: Complete and utter BS! It won't work. It will only scare parents that watch the news almost all day, and the ones that don't... they still won't know what the hell is really in these games! It's the PARENTS! (said in VERY sarcastic voice) "It can't be that bad... I mean the title is only Grand Theft Auto, which is the EXACT name of a criminal charge meaning carjacking, and on the back there's scantily clad women and the mention of gangs. It can't be that bad... why don't I let my 6-year-old Johnny get it?" (end sarcastic voice). That's what goes on in the average parents mind. And the "activists?" They're more disturbing than the games themselves. Jack Thompson wants to have all of the people behind penny arcade sued and/or arrested over making a charitable donation in his name... *GASP* they HELPED you without telling you... oh my GOD... Get over it you stupid*, stupid* little* fool*. What are you thinking. Take that back... ARE you thinking at ALL?? Please enlighten me as to how scaring all of the parents in America into thinking that Jak and Daxter is so bad because it has lasers, something that (as a weapon) is currently impossible to create, is that bad. If I could have a week with this man, he would see the other side and maybe turn around for the good of a couple hundred million gamers in America. But until he realizes this, we're doomed for one awfully bumpy ride, my friends..... And just think, what he wants to do is literally unconstitutional. It would be denying game developers their freedom of speech. That would be like saying that Jon Stewart is going to have to be cancelled because he says things against the President. Not as directly, as you can't cancel a game as easily as you can a TV show, but I think that you all get my point. So, I leave you with this: Am I right? Are they all asking for something unconstitutional? Or are you on the side of the soccer moms who tried to bring about the demise of Mortal Kombat in the 80's, Eminem in the late 90's to the very, very early 2000's, and every video game involving some form of violence unless it involves a character such as spongebob in today's time.[/COLOR]

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17th June 2003

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#2 15 years ago

Writing in colors makes it much more difficult for people to read, red especially does not go well with a black background. Shorter paragraphs are helpful as well. ;)


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30th January 2004

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#3 15 years ago

Video game ratings need to be better enforced, but violent games should not be banned. It is just one more thing for people to bitch about, but if someone does not want their child around violent video games, then why should they have to fight for this, it should be a no-brainer, if you are under the age limit, you should not be able to buy the game.



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20th April 2005

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#4 15 years ago

We have a simalar thread in general gaming. GTA will raise adrenalin levals, making you feel like doing somthing eg. killing people and stealing cars. these games are not appropite for young ages and stores should not sell them to minors .Halo involves killing aliens and saving earth so I don't see how that is going to cause any major violent rampages. Your 21 why do you care? You can buy any games that you wish, unless you lied about your age. These laws are made so that parents will think that they are trying to "save ther children" from the violent matter of the games.

Please refrain from posting in red i had a hard time reading it.

(We can make laser weapons, they just don't have big enough power suplies)

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17th November 2003

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#5 15 years ago

People blaming violent games for people behaving in that way are going a bit overboard. For someone to do something and then blame a video game, the person has another underlying problem that needs to be addressed.


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4th December 2004

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#6 15 years ago

To be constitutional is to be free-market/capitolist, let the market police themselves.

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9th December 2003

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#7 15 years ago

Videogames can not be blamed BUT they need to be regulated. Certain games shouldn't be played by certain people. The minds of children and teenagers are too easily affected by the glorification of violance on both TV (movies) and videogames. These age restrictions are there with a good reason!

However only an insane person would try to ban videogames, movies etc. all together. An adult person should be wise enough to see and particpate in any movie or game. It's the children and teenagers who need to be watched, that is all.