Time travel, parallel universes, and faster-than-light travel 22 replies

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9th May 2006

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#21 12 years ago

How can anyone say faster than light travel isn't possible? There is no proof just theories. All the calculations saying it's not possible are based on Eisteins crap that no one has ever questioned! Time travel, you can only go back not forward, can't go to what hasn't happened yet and if you went back to kill yourself you wouldn't disappear you would only create a slightly different future as you would still exist in the time you killed yourself, nothing has changed, yes it's confusing and i'm not going to draw anything to show what i mean....i'm lazy, but trust me it does make sense.


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14th August 2004

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#22 12 years ago

phawksy;3832632Alright, alright, one thing that all you Einstein-thumpers need to get drilled through your skulls;

Newton's laws governed the entire Universe until Einstein came by and burned down the courthouse, so to speak, and built his own right over the ashes. It's only a matter of time before somebody else waltzes by with the Molotov Cocktail of physics and torches ol' Einstein's place.[/quote]

A lot of Newton's stuff is still valid today. Furthermore, Newton didn't directly say anything that Einstein proved to be impossible. However, we know from Einstein that some things are impossible. Nothing goes faster than light. Nothing can go faster than light - the energy required would be too much, and time would stop on the object, and the object's mass would be zero.

phawksy;3832632 Seeing as to how Newton's laws were established in 1687 and Einstein's in 1921, a difference of 234 years, so I'm guessing that (if the trend continues) our next revolutionizing physicist should burn the laws of physics around 2155 or so. Which, like most of you here today, is a bit longer than my current life expectancy.[/quote]

Why should there be a trend? Why should there be a pattern?

[quote=phawksy;3832632] Goodbye, and goodnight. My head is hurting and you f***ers aren't helping the matter. So shove your keyboard/mouse where you will and allow me some peace and quiet without the constant bombardment of 5+ syllable words.

If you don't like it, leave.[quote=phawksy;3832632]F*** THE COMMIES, B****ES!

Don't get me started here. Please.


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28th December 2004

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#23 12 years ago

Dunno if anyone has posted this here(the posts are damn long and I'm tired), but scientists have been able to teleport atoms about 0.2 millimeters or something.