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19th January 2003

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#1 16 years ago

NAIROBI (Reuters) - A 120-year-old giant tortoise living in a Kenyan sanctuary has become inseparable from a baby hippo rescued by game wardens, officials said on Thursday.

amdf814516.jpg Reuters Photo

The year-old hippo calf christened Owen was rescued last month, suffering from dehydration after being separated from his herd in a river that drains into the Indian Ocean.

"When we released Owen into the enclosure, he lumbered to the tortoise which has a dark gray color similar to grown up hippos," Sabine Baer, rehabilitation and ecosystems manager at the park, told Reuters.

She said the hippo's chances of survival in another herd were very slim, predicting that a dominant male would have killed him.

However, Owen's relationship with the Aldabran tortoise named Mzee, Swahili for old man, may end soon. The sanctuary plans to place Owen with Cleo, a lonely female hippo.

Quite strange, I can understand how in warm blooded animals this can happen, but a turtle?


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3rd July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

I think it's cute... Well as it said, the hippo was in need of a grown up, and being only little the tortoise's skin color must have matched with that of it's mother. So it became attatched to the tortoise, because it's like with birds, if they see your face first before there mothers, they'll think your it's parent.

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#3 16 years ago

AAAAA!!! sorry this scared me. I just read this article in Spanish Class yesterday, now i have to translate from Spanish to English....


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4th January 2005

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#4 16 years ago

I saw this on the NBC Nightly News, I thought this was nice.

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17th June 2003

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#5 16 years ago

Seperating the two is a very bad idea now. :uhm:


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13th February 2004

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#6 16 years ago

Who says that you should separate them? [size=-1]

Owen, a one year-old baby Hippotamus gets close to his adopted 'mother', a giant male Aldabran tortoise at Kenya's Haller Park, January 6, 2004. The 120-year old giant tortoise living in the Kenyan sanctuary has become inseparable from the baby hippo rescued by game wardens, sanctuary officials said on Thursday. (Peter Greste/Reuters)

Notice also that they misspelt "Hippopotamus." coolx.gif [/size]


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25th October 2004

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#7 16 years ago

::Screams and hides under bed:: Well, just think Yamato-kun at least now our homework's done.:D :nodding: Yay!

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29th July 2003

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#8 16 years ago

I think it's precious... =']

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29th November 2003

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#9 16 years ago

Although it is a bit of a surprise, I am not all that shocked by this. A baby animal such as this hippo would be searching for another to call 'it's mother', and it just so happens that he found such in this gigantic tortoise. He very likely associates the animal's shape with that of another hippo.

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16th April 2004

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#10 16 years ago

lmao a turtle and a hippo

wait how the hell did the hippo get in the turtles area/cage/habbitat? cause in most zoos they keep the animals seperate

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