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#11 9 years ago

Professor Dr. Scientist;5400146More like trading. Or exactly like that. [/QUOTE]

How is a dealer/addict relationship not an instance of trading?

Professor Dr. Scientist;5400146And you're getting on my case about semantics? Nobody can tell the future. In trade it's fair to assume value and benefit mean the same thing to the people trading. Why would someone trade for something that didn't benefit them?[/QUOTE]

Going to be difficult for you to explain drug addicts, smokers, etc; who know that their vices are bad for them then. People are not solely rational, they're emotional creatures with some capacity for rationalising. Even in cases where people are honestly trading for benefit, there's often a difference between what people think benefits them and what actually does.

Most of our economic activity is based around predicting the future; companies don't decide what to do with a ouija board and a pack of playing cards. We don't always get it right but if you're talking about broad stroke interactions we're actually pretty good at it.

Professor Dr. Scientist;5400146Also, please leave the Machiavellian stuff out. This isn't about your distrust of all corporations and governments (even though they are out to get you, specifically). It's about the benefit of trading people between countries.

Distrust? I'm saying we should be Machiavellian. Fuck the less developed; they'll do it to us if they're ever on top. You're positing a world in which personal freedom is a commodity, only utter bastards are going to have any power there anyway so it's not like morality should bother you.

Come, join the darkside. We have cookies.

[QUOTE=Professor Dr. Scientist;5400146]What's your definition of infrastructure?

System for managing the transformation and distribution of services and property, intellectual and otherwise, from one form or place to another.

[QUOTE=Professor Dr. Scientist;5400146]Are you suggesting that governments have the ability to completely predict what a person will do when traded?

Completely? No. They can have a pretty good idea though

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